Christie Brinkley Skin Care: Australia Beware

Who doesn’t love going out in the sun?  The warmth that ball of fire brings to this planet not only is the essence of life, but it helps to lift spirits.  It’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood when the sun is shining. 

It’s just a shame that the sun doesn’t love us as much as we love it.  Its UV rays are the number one cause of skin damage.  For something that brings such joy, it sure is a double edged sword.  It almost seems as if the sun is luring us out there just to try and see how much damage it can cause. 

Christie Brinkley Skin Care.  Australia

Out of the shadows came Christie Brinkley Skin Care.  Australia and its ozone hole shouldn’t even stand a chance against the myriad of ingredients in this line of products. 

After consulting with skincare professionals, and other scientists, the brand was able to develop a multitude of weapons against our frenemy the sun.  These creams act as barriers against UVA/UVB and Infrared rays, all while sporting the SPF 30 seal.  The Skin Cancer Foundation even recommends this brand for daily use.  This is the only international cancer foundation whose sole purpose is skin cancer prevention, early detection, and fast treatment.  How about that for endorsement? 

Ozone holes, as they pertain to your skin, no longer need to be a constant worry.  What else can Mother Nature throw at us that this product will help defend against?  How about time?  Time is no one’s friend.  There is never enough of it when you want it, and there is always too much when you don’t.  There is never the perfect amount of time.

Isn’t it about time that we counteract that as well?  One thing this product does to help is turn back the hands on the clock.  Not in the sense that you can actually travel to a destination in the past, meet yourself, and become your own grandmother.  That hasn’t been invented yet.  But these creams can make it look like you found the Fountain of Youth.  By reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, your smooth skin is sure to turn heads.

The team that brought this product to life conducted an eight-week study just to see how effective it could be.  In that study they found that 90% of women reported a reduction in wrinkles.  91% saw an increase in luminosity, firmness, and radiance.  93% said their skin looked more firm.  93% swore they looked younger and renewed.

The most impressive result was a 100% consensus that their skin was more hydrated and felt more refreshed.  One hundred percent!  You have got to know how difficult it is to get a group of women to agree on anything one hundred percent.  It is nothing short of a miracle!  I’d like to know their secret next time I get together with my girlfriends and we can’t decide whether to watch the newest Omar Sharif movie or go out for sushi.